All the legal marijuana news and headlines for Monday, August 27, 2018.

Headlines of the day
// OMMA receives 996 patient applications on the first day of medical marijuana licensing requests (KFOR News 4)

// Medical marijuana sales in Pa. halted again by software crash (Philadelphia Inquirer)

// Denver awards second cannabis social-use license (Marijuana Business Daily)

// State law allows local bans on medical marijuana facilities, state AG says (Telegram)

// The LDS Church’s opposition to Proposition 2 pits it against a tough foe: faithful members who already use medical marijuana (Salt Lake Tribune)

// Constellation Brands and Molson Coors are in. Now the cannabis world is wondering who’s next (Financial Post)

// Fearing a Leak Into the Black Market, Oregon Suddenly Caps How Much Weed Medical Cardholders Can Buy Each Day (Willamette Week)

// Gov. Bruce Rauner signs bill legalizing industrial hemp (Chicago Sun Times)

// Burners are stopping at Nevada’s pot shops, taking the risk (Reno Gazette Journal)

// A Crippled 76-Year-Old Is Rotting in Prison for a Decades-Old Weed Charge (Vice)

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