As Charlotte Caldwell sees it, there are two versions of her 12-year-old son Billy (pictured together, left and right). The first is the Billy who, twice daily, is given a teeny (0.5ml) dose of the medical-grade cannabis oil prescribed by a world-leading child epilepsy expert to manage the seizures caused by his intractable epilepsy. This lively little Billy is full of joy. He goes horse riding and swimming. He plays in the garden, he collects eggs from the hens, he goes to school and, whenever he can, he hugs his mother, hard — his thin arms tight around her neck. The other Billy is rather different. He dances with death. He suffers up to 100 epileptic seizures a day that turn him blue, require an antidote and oxygen. He struggles with his balance, can’t walk, eat or play, and is in constant danger.

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