Weed, Pot, Kush, Ganja, Chronic, or Marijuana – Buy it legally in California starting January 1, 2018. Thanks to Prop 64, recreational sales of marijuana are now legal to anyone over the age of 21, and you can possess cannabis products without having to worry about potential incarceration. In this video, CBS SF discusses the Green Rush, as legal pot is here!

How big is the opportunity with marijuana, it’s enormous, and only getting larger each day. As the entire world watches CA Cannabis Legalization, citizens are now able to walk into a dispensary, purchase products, and walk out with their flowers, edibles, and concentrates.

Are you ready to visit a marijuana dispensary and purchase whatever your heart desires? Now is the time, and Port City Alternative will soon have it’s license from the City of Stockton, and will be able to sell products to anyone over 21.

There is also the discussion of cultivating, manufacturing, and delivering marijuana and products with THC. As companies rush in to take advantage of the green rush, there are hundreds of millions of dollars betting that people embrace this product, and now that prohibition is over in several states, the verdict is that Legal Marijuana is good for consumers and government.

Enjoy the video!